Wyze Camera Error Code 6 (solved)

Are you facing the Wyze cam error code 06 while trying to watch live video?

Yeah, I've seen this error before with my Wyze Cam V2 and Wyze Pan Cam.

Here's the message that I got on my Wyze App.

Error (code 06): Failed to fetch the video from cloud. Please try again later. If the problem continues, please send in an error log through Help & Feedback.

Wyze cam error code 06

This error is pretty annoying since you can't watch the live video feed while it's there on your screen. But don't worry, there's a solution to this problem.

What causes the Wyze Cam error code 06?

Most of the IP camera errors are caused by a bad Internet connection, some glitches on the device's operating system or smartphone App.

However, for this specific case, the error can also be related to the Wyze Cam Plus license for devices that use the cloud service.

It's an intermittent error that shows up and suddenly goes away, so it drives some people crazy because of this random behavior.

Let's take a look at how to solve the problem.

How to fix Wyze cam error code 06?

Here are the methods to fix the error.

  • Remove and reinstall the Wyze Cam plus license;
  • Check the Internet connection;
  • Reinstall the Wyze App;
  • Update the camera's firmware;
  • Reset the camera to factory default.
  • You need to try these different options to see which one works for you.

    For the error 06, most of the time, the first option solves the problem, but if it doesn't, you just need to try the other ones until you get your camera working.

    Let's dive into the details...

    Remove and reinstall the Wyze Cam plus license

    Follow the instructions below to remove the Wyze Cam Plus License.

  • Use the App to log in to your account;
  • Go to the settings menu and remove the license;
  • Re-activate the license.
  • Check the Internet connection

    Many problems with intermittent errors are related to a bad Internet connection or Weak Wi-Fi signal, so you need to check if that's the case.

    Ensure that your Wyze Cam and the Wi-Fi router are not too far away and check for obstructions such as walls, aquarium, etc.

    You can also change the router's Wi-Fi channel to avoid interference.

    Please use channels 1, 6, or 11 only. There's a technical explanation behind that, so don't try other channels even if you think your neighbors are not using them.

    >> Learn more, please read the article Wireless Network Design for CCTV.

    Please use channels 1, 6, or 11 only. There's a technical explanation behind that, so don't try other channels even if you think your neighbors are not using them.

    Reinstall the Wyze App

    Remove and install the Wyze App again.

    This step usually helps since the manufacturer always updates the software to correct errors and improve security.

    You can download the latest version for your smartphone.

    Update the camera's firmware.

    A new firmware has the potential to solve the device's problems, so it's recommended to update your camera often to keep it working at its best.

    Visit the Wyze website to look for more information on new firmware, or use the App to check for the updates available for your camera.

    Reset the camera to factory default

    Resetting the camera to the factory settings also helps to solve problems.

    Sometimes a misconfiguration or a residual corrupted configuration can mess up with your camera, and that's corrected via a default reset.

    Just follow the steps on how to reset your Wyze Cam and check if the error code 06 finally goes away.

    Here's a quick video on how to reset the Wyze Camera.


    To fix the Wyze Cam error code 06 you may try to remove and reinstall the Cam Plus license first, but if that doesn't help, you can try the other tips.

    You can also try contacting the Wyze Cam support team to ask for help.

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