Is the Wyze Cam encrypted ?

The question "Is the Wyze Cam encrypted?" shows some concerns among users.

People buy the security cameras to feel safe, so this a fair question. 

Is The Wyze Cam Encrypted

Don't worry, the Wyze Camera is encrypted to guarantee safe communication with the streaming server and to protect the user data.

This is an interesting feature for this small camera considering the fact that this is an inexpensive product used by thousands of people (who want to be safe).

Let's just talk a little bit about the Wyze Cam encryption, shall we?

The Wyze Camera encryption

AES 128-bit. This is the name of the encryption used on the Wyze Cam. 

This type of encryption makes communication between two devices safer.

In this case, I'm talking about the Wyze Camera and the streaming server.

When the camera is powered it looks for the service available on the Internet to authenticate the username and password before streaming the video.

128-bit Encryption protects the Wyze Cam from hackers

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Due to the need for communication over the Internet, it's recommended to encrypt the data to make it harder for people (hackers) to intercept and read it.

So, the Wyze Cam encrypts the data before sending it to the server which is prepared to deal with such a safe mechanism (decrypt the data).

The Wyze Camera works with the 128-bit encryption which uses a 128-bit key to encrypt the data. That makes the data safe and almost impossible to break.

This encryption method is really hard to beat. It would take thousands of years for a supercomputer to test all the possible combinations and break into the camera. I think it's pretty safe for a small $25 camera, right?

So, rest assured that your neighbor won't break into your camera so soon 🙂

Why is important to encrypt the data?

The encryption is used to ensure your data is secure nobody else can read it.

You don't want to see your private videos all over the Internet, do you?

Data such as email, username, and password must be protected when traveling across the Internet and that is what happens when your Wyze Cam sends the data to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) via a safe protocol that uses TLS (Transport Layer Security.

Update Your Wyze Camera To Keep It Safe

Some time ago a vulnerability known as KRACK was announced on the Internet.

It allows attackers (hackers) to break into devices connected to an unsafe WiFi.

Encryption protect your Wyze Cam

The Wyze Cam uses the WiFi to connect to the Internet, so it's necessary to update the firmware to guarantee the connection is safe.

Just update your Wyze Cam with the latest firmware available on the Wyze site.

For the Wyze Cam v2 the firmware must be or newer and fir the Wyze Cam Pan it must be the or a newer version.

If you have the Wyze Cam v1 there's no firmware available for update 🙁

So, make an effort to keep your data safe and go for a new model if necessary.

I hope this article can help you, please share it with your friends.

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