Is the Wyze Camera waterproof?

Is the Wyze Camera waterproof ? Before installing your camera outdoors you need to make sure it is protected again rain, so keep reading to learn more...

Is the wyze cam waterproof

No, the Wyze Camera is not waterproof and can't be installed outdoors unless you use a weatherproof case designed to give the camera the minimum protection from water and dust from the outdoor environment.

So, let's see how to make your Wyze Camera waterproof using a housing...

Waterproof housing for the Wyze Camera

OK, let's make things clear, waterproof is different from water-resistant.

Yeah, I'm serious about that, a waterproof housing (A.K.A. waterproof case) should keep the water away from your camera and avoid it to get inside.

But that's not what really happens because most of the housings are in fact resistant to the water and don't really protect your camera from heavy rain. 

So, to wrap it up, most of the Wyze Camera housing available on stores are in fact water-resistant which protects the camera from some rain, but not that much.

They are OK, just don't expect too much and don't raise your expectations.

Here's a picture with an example of a water-resistant case for the Wyze Camera.

You can find this model available on the Amazon Store, most people like it.

If you want to install your Wyze Camera outdoors, this water-resistant housing can help to protect the camera, even if it's not really waterproof.

Just in case you are wondering what is really considered waterproof, for professional security cameras, there are IP 65 classified housings, which means they are compliant with the international Ingress Protection standard

So, an IP65 rated housing can protect from low-pressure water jets from any direction. But again, this is common from the professional cameras which is not the case for the Wyze Camera that is a consumer product.

What would you expect from a $25 product? 🙂

Use the water-resistant housing for your Wyze Cam

You can use the water-resistant housing for your Wyze Camera.

Even if everybody calls their products "waterproof" now you know that this is not completely accurate, right?

Just in case you want to use your Wyze camera in a location with heavy rain, use some extra protection such sealant silicone to better protect your camera, especially in hole the for the cable.

Overall, buy your "waterproof housing" based on good reviews...

I would buy a housing like this one even it's not IP65 rated.

It's also recommended to install the camera under some roof.

I hope this article can help you out, please share it with your friends.

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